Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Lunch Is Served

Summer is here ! Bring on the salads and fresh veggies. Seasonings are key to the taste of each.

These are old stand-by salads with my twist on the ingredients.  Deliciousness that is easy to prepare, filling and enjoyable to the taste buds.
I saw a Pinterest chicken salad served in half an avocado that looked yummy.  I used tuna and pasta and wished I had avocados. 

The tuna salad has all the same ingredients that,  I use in potato salad, unless, its German potato salad.  No measuring required.  Chop and throw in the ingredients that you want to use.
Enjoy :)

1.  Tuna-Pasta Salad: Served cold
     Tuna (canned)
      Bell pepper
      Green & Black Olives
      Tri-Colored Pasta Spirals
       Boiled, Chopped Eggs
       Salt and Pepper to taste
       Dukes Mayo
       Touch of yellow mustard

2.   Shrimp & Rice With Veggies: served hot
      Jumbo Shrimp
      Arborio Rice (Italian) Super Fine
      Baby Bella Mushrooms
      Rope Sausage (plain, cut into small pieces)
       Bell Pepper
       Salt & Pepper to taste