Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Are hobbies a waste of time, if you do not have talent?

In my opinion.  One has to feel proud of their own work.  Otherwise,  is it a waste of time?  What is the use of doing it as a hobby, if the paintings are not considered to be very good in comparison to the masters' great works of art. Hopefully, my answer is somewhere in the paragraphs below.

For instance, Pinterest is very inspirational and the pictures are to die for.  However, recently, I changed my Pinterest settings in order to not have  them send me so many  "how-to-videos." on painting, cooking, etc.  When painting my pictures, doing the best I can, it is a downer to always see the same or close pictures, that are perfect in every way and looks like a photo.  Compared to my paintings, most works of art on this site are done by professionals with lots of talent and experience.   Their works put my stuff to shame.  There is a lesson in the next paragraph, please be patient while I explain.  lol

I remember when, I first joined a local art club and experienced my first art show.  It was an art show on a grand scale, outside, with hundreds of artist displaying and selling their art. Everyone's art works were considered by the judges for the best in show, etc.  I sold tickets for the show at the front gate.
It was not exactly cheap to enter one's picture, photo, or whatever for consideration in competition.

Some artists had dozens and dozens of their works displayed and ready to sell. It was a grand event with at least 100,000 plus  people coming to look and oft times buy items they liked.  It was more an art festival of enormous magnitude. 

  I  had just two small, framed pictures, that I had painted of my grandmother's old house.  The house was an historical site due to the fact that, it had been a hospital at one time or another during the civil war.   I distinctly remember  one young lady,  who had a small picture she had completed and wanted to enter it in the art show.  She paid the expensive admission fee,  because she was very, very proud of that one  little piece of unframed canvas.  She had created something wonderful and wanted to show it off to the world. I felt, feel exactly like this girl did about her one painting creation, in my work, just like all those professional painters out there in this world.   No matter how big or small, or how it may look to others, the feeling of accomplishment is still there.  By the way, first place was given to a young man an unknown artist , for his life sized painting of an American Indian. It didn't have a frame either.   Second prize went to a young lady with her small picture of a beautiful cat!

Now, some forty years later after my first show, I don't belong to an art club any more and do not compete.   However,  I am still learning and enjoying that wonderful feeling of accomplishment in painting my pictures.    It is definitely not a waste of time. 
 Keep the faith
Your friend, Cooky
A.k.a   Loramae :)