Foodie Pages Include Recipes, Cooking Tips, Failures

I have recipes for soup, cookies, salads, pizza, among others.    Most of my recipes I find on Pinterest, as well as, my Betty Crocker cook book.  My hubby has a wonderful group of old Canadian cook books.   These recipes were passed down through generations.   I have a packet of old fashion recipes including but not limited to: Hummingbird Cake and Grandma's fudge -not the normal everyday cakes and cookies.

For many years, I collected every recipe, that, I found in the newspapers and media elsewhere.  Then Pinterest came along.  I stopped saving coupons and actually threw hundreds of recipe clips away.   Just like outdated computers, the old recipes were not the easiest or the best to follow and not always recipe-friendly.   Don't get me wrong.  These recipes are still wonderful to say the least.   It is wonderful to browse any cook books.  We have other nationality cook books as well.

I used to watch all cooking shows on television twenty-five years ago, i.e., shows like the old "Galloping Gourmet", Julia Childs', Yang Can Cook, etc..  These shows fostered the beginning of television food shows. I loved watching the old Cajun man, from Louisiana, who said "onyuns" in his New Orleans accent ( vs onions.).  He was so wonderful. Not to mention Jacque and daughter, I forget their first names. Now, most recipes can be found in multitude on Pinterest.  This with an easy push of the computer button and printed out if needed.  So many varieties and different ways of cooking them.  And it is free.  I am addicted to that web site, as are most of the world maybe..

In addition, now on television we have the Cooking Channels, Food Network and related reality shows galore. There are too many to count and/or watch because the system is now saturated.   Television stars are made from the people who work on these  shows.  I have lots of favorite shows and chefs.  Seems like everyone is trying to be a chef these days.  Some favorites are  Robert Levine,  Bobby Fray,
Trisha Yearwood, and Sandra Lynn.  Of course, there are literally dozens, that,  I haven't mentioned.  You know who they are.   Pure culinary awesomeness awaits those who seek to cook better. 

Take Care, Always, :)
Your Friend, Lora (aka cooky)