Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Glories: Aug 2014

 The Morning Glories on my porch are less this year.  They are still beautiful to look at with their vibrant colors early in the mornings.    Each morning, I must glance out the window to make sure they are still there as if during the night they might disappear.     By mid-day when the sun is high, they are closed tight with just the green leaves and vines showing.    Usually, we leave the vines up throughout the winter and the seeds fall in front of the porch.  However, last year, we removed most of the dead vines before the seed-pods opened.   I did manage to pot a few seeds, that had fallen on the table.   I was afraid we wouldn't get many on the porch rails this year.  Thank goodness, some survived. One large vine is actually crawling on the ground around the outside of the deck.     I might try planting moon-glories next year for blooming at night.  
Keep The Faith