Saturday, June 4, 2016

4 June 2016 - Reality Shows And Freedom

Summer is hot in Virginia, and golf, baseball, swimming sports are everywhere.    Love to watch reality shows about winter on TV.  These shows remind me of how cold it can be in the mountains and on the lakes.   Mountain Men, Last Frontier and Bush family to name a few.  I am truly blessed to live in Virginia, where there is a moderate climate all year around - most times.

A few new shots on TV last night regarding Alaska's Brown family.  It was really fantastic seeing them jump into the ocean and have a real pig roast on the Pacific Ocean beach.    It was very kind of the mechanic who let them borrow his beautiful RV.  Their RV had died big time on the road trip.  Yes, I know the boys helped the owner of the shop doing something or another as partial payment to fix their RV that needed a new motor.    I think more people should be kind to them in that way.  Instead of being critical of the show, folks should send them stuff, like a case full of spam or chilly and maybe a tractor to help them clear the land.  Can't wait to see next week's episode.  I do not like all the commercials and repeats, as there are too many interruptions that waylay our seeing more of the family.   I wish Billy would stop saying "I don't know what to do." occasionally.    He knows everything and the boys are learning so much.  I just love that family and the spirit of freedom they are trying to represent.

Our "Freedom" in America is in dire trouble. The IRS coming after poor people instead of the rich,
State and county taxes on our personal property are rising along with utilities and cable food, medical, etc.    Waterways are being policed and hefty tickets given out in fines.  I really wish, that we all were free to pursue an independent life style free of taxes and bills and rich conglomerates controlling our lives and money.   We should have  the freedom to harvest food and fish in the oceans without all the licensing that is currently required.  Go down to the nearest fishing hole and you will get a ticket, if you have no license.  Lower these costs is my solution.  It will never happen.

I am not so sure that any president could ever fix these problems.  However, I hope whoever gets the presidency will be a responsible person in regard to some of my issues.  Taxing the old folks and poor makes no sense.  The scammers are out to get older people and anyone they can con.  The IRS is a scammer.  They want actual pictures of donations. One cannot claim donations like that stuff you gave to the local community Acts thrift shop or the food and money  you gave a neighbor to help them out.  What a crock.  I know how our democracy works for some.    However, at what price for freedom?  Now congress has a pending bill that would require young girls and woman to sign up for the draft, if it is passed. Woman and men should have freedom to choose what they want to do with the rest of their lives without fear of jail time, for not doing the draft thingy. 

In summary, real life cost so much money that we cannot afford to live freely.  I think it was tragic to send the Bush family members to jail.  They paid the money back already.    Billy is sick and probably mostly due to stress. Wish I could go live in Brown Town despite the bears..

Keep the faith,
your friend cooky