Monday, September 17, 2018

September 2018 - Health And Welfare

This autumn has presented a devastating hurricane to the south eastern states.  Seems that, Florence hurricane - without a  rating is worse than one with a definite rating. Folks were told to evacuate, however, some did not for whatever reasons.    Some of these folks  are the ones needing rescue right now.  They sit on their roof tops without food, water, electricity, etc., shivering from  shock.  Several poor folks, bless their souls, have died because of Florence.   Many people and animals were affected by this storm and not just the old and disabled. Thank Goodness for volunteers who help save the victims and animals hurt or lost because of this hurricane.   Sending money or groceries does not seem like such a good idea because we do not trust that it will get to the people that need them for whatever reasons.

Wow, it is unimaginable the things that happen to money and supplies sent to help people.For example, Puerto Rico's devastation.  Hubby saw pictures of hundreds of thousands of bottles of water still sitting on pallets at an airport.  None has been distributed at all.  Same for pallets of supplies and foods left to rot in a warehouse, that were never distributed to the people.  We wonder why and who to point the finger of blame at??  Hubby and I wish that we could go and help out. However, we are old and disabled ourselves, struggling to survive our own money and health issues in today's world. 

 Our own health care provider, Kaiser, is abandoning us because we are old and sick.   According to Kaiser, I have a weak heart and cannot ever be operated on for kidney stones, or colon cancer - 
Hubby, he needs a hip replacement and can barely walk with a cane in his attempts to take care of both of us. Kaiser says he must get dental work (very expensive) done and go to classes (40 miles away) first before they can consider the operation.  I cannot get a new wheelchair until I go to physical therapy and be evaluated.  If, I could get there, I would not need a new wheelchair!  Then Kaiser only pays fifty percent.  The catch is that they pick the company to buy it from at  very inflated prices.  I end up getting equipment on line at a fraction of the price, although it is not brand new, of course.  What's up with all this?

 Although, I am very angry at Kaiser's  policies, other health care programs would probably do the same, if they would even accept us as new patients!!      Do doctors really know what is best for me, or are they just trying to save themselves money.   I guess the old adage that doctors can only treat the symptoms or cut it out - could be correct, for us anyways.  No place for sick people in this world.
One day the powers that be, will probably euthanize people like they do cats and sad.

Keep the faith,
Lora Jason :)

Thursday, August 23, 2018

End Of Summer 2018

My grand children return to school the day after Labor Day holiday as usual this year.  However, they are not really looking forward to going back to school. School creates more problems for them to deal with.  I will miss their faces and miss being able to talk to them during the week like we did all summer.  The weather is changing rapidly, thus, heading into autumn and cooler weather.  This is a good thing.

Such problems students face includes but not limited to: to much homework, peer pressure to dress accordingly to the popular kids' styles, among other things, like kids that bully other kids always and forever.  School is really a pain in the neck for our children from K-12.  I feel the system is broken, starting with the amount of days they have to attend school.  Bullying is still very much a problem K-12 to include teachers who bully students.  It is amazing what teachers can get away with.  Just like the coaches -  who bully players into achieving a goal far exceeding what they need to accomplish. Not many make it to the NFL or other professional ranking organization.

  I and hubby noticed that, it was not as hot this year as in the past few years.  Summer seemed to go through all its normal phases, i.e., bugs, heat, spiders, locust, vacations at the beaches, traveling, etc., however, the rain was excessive..  It would have been nice, if the rainfall, headed to California to help with the forest fires that continue even to this date.  Soon the old school buses will be lumbering through our tiny neighborhood, rumbling along loudly with its doors and brakes squeaking.  However, Buses still make less noise than our Trash pickup service.  It comes at four a.m., waking everyone up  early even, if they do not want to be woken at that hour.  Then, rush hour traffic begins around the same time.  We hear neighbors' vehicles doors slamming when they get into their car and leave for work.  Such noisy mornings and evenings coming our way soon.

Oh well, lets look on the bright side of school starting at the end of summer.  These include:
The weather is cooler, holidays are on the way, beaches close, pools close, and some sports are now held inside the gym.

I am sure there are more bright things to look forward to?  Did I mention hurricane season coming about now.  Poor Hawaii Islands will be getting hit tomorrow with a category 5 hurricane.  God protect them.

Take care,
Keep the faith
Your friend
Cooky :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

August 2018 - Reflecting Re Vacation Time Off

Summer vacations surely go by so quickly.    There is hardly time for teachers and those off during the summer school vacation, to take a deep breath and relax before they are headed back to the school regimen again for another school year. Those jobs offering only a two week vacation are slave drivers in my opinion.  Breaks for vacations and commercials are ridiculously to short or too interruptive.

In my opinion, school is  a strict and unforgiving regimen of hurried classes and fun.    The school  routine for many classes is based on 15-30 minute increments of rushed time - most of which is not classroom instruction.  Glorified babysitting is kind of how I feel.  Oh well, it gives lots of jobs to lots of teachers. So it is ok, so to speak, until something better comes along.  I worked in the school system, not in an administrative position, for twenty years. It was most rewarding, working with the children, however, rushing things was not very relaxing as we tried to cram as much as we could into a four or eight hour day.  Days off were few and far between even to take my own children to appointments.

Jobs of all kinds today are lower management-driven vehicles to get the most work out of employees per day regardless of the job itself.  There is no time for inefficiency in time management!  Like the commercials on television.  You have thirty minutes of commercials in an hour of show.  Most are repeat commercials - therefore, one is repeatedly listening to the same commercials.  These commercials are more interesting than the actual show you are watching sometimes.  And the commercial breaks disrupt those shows, that we like, even more often than should be allowed.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer 2018

Its June, almost July 2018.  School is out and family is heading for vacations.  It is an exciting time of year for all of us.  Free time on my grandchildren's hands to work, play, or follow their dreams.    My grands are getting so grown up, its amazing how mature they act. However, next school year will be short for two of my grands, because they will graduate early.  The next generation is on its way! My oldest granddaughter is expecting her first child in July.  It is a boy and we all cannot wait to have him here.  Her family will be happy to welcome him into their home.  Hope he does not arrive while everyone is at the beach or on   Lots of us in my family are on a Keto diet plan.  Low carbs and high protein. It seems to be working so far.  My eldest daughter has lost 50 lbs.  I have more clarity in my brain-thought patterns and am feeling more energetic as well.  Hubby and I are keeping track of the Washington Nationals' baseball team and looking forward to watching all of this season's games.   The political unrest in D.C., hopefully, will not impact on sports.  That is all I will say about that.

Cooky (lora) :)



Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas 2017

December 25th is close - five days away.   I have only been thinking about it so far with all the hassles shopping brings. The traffic is deplorable and the lines are endless.  We are all bombarded with sale ads from before Thanksgiving right on up to Christmas Day.  Then the after Christmas sales begin to bombard us on television and newspaper ad media.  Hubby and I  have decided to give them all a  gift card versus trying to shop for them. It is the easy way out.  lol

We are wishing everyone out there a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.
Keep The Faith
Your Friend
Cooky :)

Monday, November 20, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving To All -2017

Let us all truly believe in the sanctity of love and good deeds no matter what religion you are.

           November has gone by so fast, it makes my head spin.  Now its a few days from Thanksgiving.  I am so very thankful for so many things, it would be impossible to list them all.  Mostly I am grateful for God letting me live this long.  Next, would be gratefulness for my husband and family.  Of course, I am grateful for friends and relatives everywhere who assist us in our daily lives. So many people contribute to our well being on a daily basis, I am not sure how I would survive without these folks in my life.  The small and large acts of kindness and charity are what I am talking about.  Where would Puerto Rico and Texas be right now with out the love from others shown through donations and help after those terrible hurricanes.?
           For instance, our doctors, ministers and volunteers,  who honestly care about us all and my hubby and myself, are right up there with God.  Firefighters, rescue squads, nurses and organizations all over the world stand up and contribute to those in need.
         There are GOOD people in this world and they outnumber the evil ones in my opinion.  Christianity is alive and well in this world.    Although, we only hear about the evil acts of violence on the media for this area and all over the world.  It does not take away from  good deeds  and love,  that is shown to those in need by Christian people and caring persons all over the world no matter what faith they are.

Take care, keep the faith
Your friend