Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas 2017

December 25th is close - five days away.   I have only been thinking about it so far with all the hassles shopping brings. The traffic is deplorable and the lines are endless.  We are all bombarded with sale ads from before Thanksgiving right on up to Christmas Day.  Then the after Christmas sales begin to bombard us on television and newspaper ad media.  Hubby and I  have decided to give them all a  gift card versus trying to shop for them. It is the easy way out.  lol

We are wishing everyone out there a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.
Keep The Faith
Your Friend
Cooky :)

Monday, November 20, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving To All -2017

Let us all truly believe in the sanctity of love and good deeds no matter what religion you are.

           November has gone by so fast, it makes my head spin.  Now its a few days from Thanksgiving.  I am so very thankful for so many things, it would be impossible to list them all.  Mostly I am grateful for God letting me live this long.  Next, would be gratefulness for my husband and family.  Of course, I am grateful for friends and relatives everywhere who assist us in our daily lives. So many people contribute to our well being on a daily basis, I am not sure how I would survive without these folks in my life.  The small and large acts of kindness and charity are what I am talking about.  Where would Puerto Rico and Texas be right now with out the love from others shown through donations and help after those terrible hurricanes.?
           For instance, our doctors, ministers and volunteers,  who honestly care about us all and my hubby and myself, are right up there with God.  Firefighters, rescue squads, nurses and organizations all over the world stand up and contribute to those in need.
         There are GOOD people in this world and they outnumber the evil ones in my opinion.  Christianity is alive and well in this world.    Although, we only hear about the evil acts of violence on the media for this area and all over the world.  It does not take away from  good deeds  and love,  that is shown to those in need by Christian people and caring persons all over the world no matter what faith they are.

Take care, keep the faith
Your friend

Friday, June 9, 2017

June 2017

July 4th is just around the corner and so is the heat.  I've never seen that holiday where the weather wasn't super hot and steamy.  Holidays come and go so quickly for hubby and I,  that we barely can keep up with them.   Three-day weekends are especially nice, because our family members pay us
a short visit before or after they complete their own weekend plans.  My busy, active,  family drop by mostly on the weekends.  Of course, we  do keep in touch by phone and face book during the week but in person is so much nicer.

It is good to keep up with how everyone is doing.  Face Book is good for everyone to post items that  each doing or planning to do this summer.  We are all older now so there is less drama.  Knock on wood, don't need problems.  The economy creates enough problems as it is.  Food prices go up weekly and the housing market is sky high when you want to buy something.

May God Bless each of you and your families like He has mine.  Take care and keep the faith.
your friend
Cooky :)

Sunday, April 9, 2017

April Showers Bring May Flowers - Happy Easter 2017


Spring brings pastel colors, Easter, buds and blossoms.  The ole rustic cross. 
Beautiful, isn't it?  It surely is a nice homemade religious item.  My hubby is going to make one for me similar to this one.  So happy to be eating fresh vegetables and fruit again, even, if they come from a foreign country. I wish they all came from Canada because they have the most wonderful grocery items from their gardens and lakes. 
The salmon and seafood from there are so  tasty.   This time of year the water melon and cantaloupe are sweeter.  The pears, carrots, potato's  are a lot tastier this time of year as we move into garden season.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Health Issues In March - Spring 2017

This a good but limited chart that,  I use sometimes for my Warfarin diet -  High Vitamin K is a no-no if you are taking Warfarin for blood clots. 
Sinus problem abound for all who live in Virginia it seems.  Pollen and weather, pets and food present allergy problems constantly.

I got the flu this year and, it landed me in
the hospital.  Worse flu I have ever
experienced.  Very painful to the lungs and body.
It's symptoms and cough lingers for weeks to months sometimes. Highly contagious.

Arthritis is another health issue affecting joints all over one's body. Deteriorating knees and joints post a major obstacle in mobility for me.

Fibro Myalgia is always present in the shoulders and back muscles.

 Dry Skin issues are constant in the dry winter weather.  Sunburn post a grave danger, if you are on blood pressure medications during the sunshine days. Seborrhea is a problem on the scalp and other areas.  Yeast infections and cysts are also painful items one must endure at times. 

If I have forgotten anything, please let me know.  lol  

Thursday, February 16, 2017

My Personal Two-Cents

At my Singer, I have been sitting all winter sewing up a storm. However, my storm is nothing in comparison to America's political storm  over immigration control.   Many foreign countries have dug their claws deep into American soil as they milk America for all its worth.  We sit passively by and watch as our very existence become controlled by foreigners.     It may be too late for President Trump to change things but at least he is trying.   My personal opinions follow:

Sometimes, I do feel guilty for having the basics in life, i.e., food, clothing, shelter, love and the ability to work and provide these thing for my family.  No wonder poor and wealthy people alike  on this planet want to migrate to the United States.   In addition, we  suffer being compromised in our democratic way of life.   Huge numbers of immigrants streaming into the USA compromise all our resources.  

 Is it hate or envy that foreigners feel for America?   They are taught from childhood to hate Americans aren't they?   Don't many foreign countries  burn our flag and fight against us.    Many foreigners, not just immigrants from other countries are rude, distasteful, pushy, greedy, grabby, sour apples bitter and resentful toward Americans.    I have been pushed  aside in the grocery stores, crowed out of  store lines, sneered at, among other things and I am in a wheelchair.   Look at Wal-Mart for instance.     There are so many internationals, in their native costumes, pushing ahead in the lines, talking in foreign languages acting rude and indifferent.   I hate to go shopping any more.  Foreigners from all countries are crowding the health system, as well as, the retail stores.  Foreigners are taking advantage of all opportunities in all our systems, as quickly as they arise, until nothing is left for us. They are buying up land and businesses everywhere.  You got to be fast, if you want anything new and fresh in the stores, because they get gobbled up by  hordes of foreigners  Sharing is noble but wait a minute..??? 

I fully believe that international peoples coming to the U.S.A are trying to take over our country and change our opinions and traditions.    Americans are now on the reverse-prejudice side of society.   We are losing the battle.  They are conquering over us due to their many numbers.   They have already changed many of our  traditions and values.  They want us to accept their beliefs.  For instance, Muslims wanted to add their holidays to calendars versus doing American holidays.

Immigrants deserve a better life than afforded them in their own countries.  However, at what expense to poor Americans. It is liberals, that have paid/paved the way for fleecing America. Millions of families  in America are starving and dying with no medical care and horrific living conditions.  Foreign aid has staggered our budget in so many ways, depriving our veterans, old folks and poor peoples, including children of the necessities of life.   American families are starving and need  help even more so than refugees.

I do not feel  guilty because the USA is blessed with an abundance of food and everything one can imagine. However, since we are readily giving it all away, no wonder there is so many people migrating to America. American men and women  are angry to say the least.  Take away food, shelter and jobs.  That is what American's are facing now.  Crime is rampant with so many being frustrated with our democratic system.    So many are homeless and dying according to the television news stories.  American's are homeless, dying and starving as well.   There is no end to the misery inflicted on humanity, because of our liberal leaders' generosity with American folks' money.      People all over the world deserve a better life.  Why do we poor folks in the USA have to always foot the bill for political decisions made by our so called reps in congress.  Our Veterans, service members and all Americans pay the price of footing the bill for immigrants.  Our forefathers never saw this coming when they signed the Declaration of Independence.

The drain on our resources and contributions awarded the newly arrived immigrants' welfare must end somewhere. There should be a limit to our contributions to other countries and its peoples.  Here in the US and abroad, American tax payers are footing the bill for every illegal alien that comes across a border from all countries, not just Mexico, South American, Middle East and Asia, etc.    In fact,  some immigrants have been in the United States all their lives and never paid a penny of taxes. Many are trying to force their religious beliefs on Americans.  It shows up in schools and across every television news report daily. There are tribes of immigrants living together that know how to milk the system and get free everything from food to no taxation on their jobs. The impact on American resources is dangerously reaching an all time high, that is draining the life out of this country and its people.   Then of course, there are the terrorist who were born here.  They are just as dangerous as those who cross the borders selling drugs. So many want to crush America.

 I don't have the answers. We are all immigrants, that come from immigrants that started America hundreds of years ago.  Christianity was big then.  It is a minority now.   How could anyone have known that America would be the destination for the rest of the planet?   I would think that all Americans should support President Trump in trying to halt the flow of peoples from other countries on this planet from entering America and taking over the country, squashing our principals, Christianity, beliefs and yes, compromising our own freedom.  Freedom of choice is at risk, for all of us now.  There is no freedom in America anymore.  Our rights have been compromised.  I feel, our leaders have done this to us.  I cannot put all the blame on immigrants crowding into the U.S.A.

Keep the faith

February 2017