Monday, May 23, 2016

About Creative Talent

A colorful little southwest arrangement seems fitting for getting ready to have hot weather days.   Color and texture lend value to paintings.  However, theme is important as well.  Ethnicities have always interested me, especially in trying to paint people. God and our ancestors gave us talents,  many  that we didn't even know we had until we actually tried them.  Painting ethnic folks is fascinating to me.   I attempt to capture the varied styles of clothing and features first before the face.    That is, if,  I don't get tangled up in trying to paint details that bog me down and distract my mind from what is really  important in portrait painting - the joy of painting as a hobby.  That is what I am trying to achieve.

Many of my ethnicity paintings have been given away before, I knew how to  scan them into  the computer first.   I love the different type of ethnic features,  facial features and expressions.  If one can capture the essence of an individuals' personality, then it is possible to create a likeness.  Whether the art work is considered good, bad,  cartoon like, abstract or real life - capturing the jest of a person's nose, mouth, eyes, hair and personality can result in  a fairly interesting portrait of that person no matter what ethnicity.  I have learned more from watching portrait painting videos recently, than I ever could from practicing without the proper techniques being explained to me.  Thank goodness for You Tube and the many art lessons available on that channel and on Pinterest. 

I have been watching video art lessons given by dozens of fantastically talented  artist, who do just that. Each have their own unique style and abilities when painting pictures.  Sometimes, I feel that, I have no talent in art at all when I see how much real talent is out there.    Then again, my own cartoon-type style is more talent than lots of people have in painting and drawing.  One only has to see the work of students in elementary school and on up through and beyond college to know that talent is abundant all over the world.   When one dedicates their lives to studying art, it really makes a difference in their skill level.  Talent, of course, is God given.    Being skilled in more than one area of expertise is a God send.      So many different ways out there to paint things from a through z, one only  has to stay true to his or her own style and talents  to be  successful in any endeavor one
choses to pursue. 

God gave us some wonderful assortments of talents through out our lifetime.  Some talent is inherent and others are acquired through observation and higher learning.  Whether an artist is good or terrible, it is good that our creative side of our brain is happy doing something we are proud of and dedicated to in the different fields of artistic expressions. 
Keep the faith,
Always, your friend,
Cooky (aka lora) :)