Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 2016

Summer heat is fast approaching.  Schools have only four more weeks of activities for students.
Vacationers will flock to D.C. to visit the wonderful monuments and archives.  The roads will be crowded and busy with more accidents -  some being  caused by young drivers. 

I don't look forward to scorching sunny days like, I used to when younger. When we lived near the river in eastern Virginia - sunny days were spent fishing and cooking out in rainy weather or good days.  Even in winter the days were so beautiful.  Some days were simply breathtaking, it was so lovely.  Now, all I want to do is curl up in the cool air conditioning with my paints and computer.
The weather, wind, sun and rain affect me and hubby badly.  Allergies are constant problems and our medications make us blister, if we get in direct sunlight. I long to go to the beach and walk on the wet sand.  Maybe this year, I will make it to the ocean once again.  It is definitely on my bucket list.

However, our  children and grandchildren love every minute of summer, especially after school is out.  My daughter, who works in her daughters' school will be happy to have the days off.  Her family will head to Oak Island, N.C. a few times to enjoy visiting relatives there.  The beaches of N.C. are really beautiful along the shoreline.  My other family members will head out on road trips that serve as their vacations. 

Two of my nieces will be driving off to summer jobs and then college in the fall.  I know they are safe drivers. I trust their driving responsibly.  However, I do worry about other drivers that are not so careful.  Adults as well as teens should be extra careful.  The sirens of our rescue workers are constantly going off and it is scary just how often.  It is often many times a day that they must respond to an accident call.  We all had to good through the learning to drive techniques.  My grandson will begin learning and practicing those driving lessons in school next year.  Bless his heart, he cannot wait.

I will love it when my morning glories began to bloom.  For such a tiny living area and yard, we have quite a few rose bushes, shrubs and flowers in and around the trailer that we live in.  It is a wonderful and comfortable time for us here.   Well keep the faith.  Always your friend. Cooky (aka lora :)