Thursday, April 21, 2016

April - A Few Thoughts

Cherry Blossom Thyme...Fun with painting spring
colors.  Beautiful flowers and delicious veggies 
are almost here.  A re-birth of life, health and attitudes after a long, cold winter.

The air conditioning is running for short periods 
of time in the afternoons. Allergy season is very
lucrative for stores that sell those products. The air is full of new blossoms and weeds.  Fine greenery everywhere. Bad weather all over the world it seems.  The weather in April is not unlike an impulsive teenager.  One minute the weather is sweet and innocent. The next day it can be the opposite - not unlike a temper tantrum. 
For older, retired folks who are not exactly the picture of health - life can be a struggle in completing every-day tasks large and small.   Money is always a problem. There is never enough.   I see every day couples who are fighting and taking out their frustrations on each other.  Always tension erupts due to lack of funds to support them and buy food.  Where we live and probably in every neighborhood not just poor ones there is always people yelling at each other.  Words can be so abusive.      Our neighbors are always struggling physically and mentally.  Mostly couples and singles fighting to make ends meet.   Keeping a positive attitude when facing adversity is not easy to do.  We older folks just keep on trudging along.  No need complaining.  It does nothing to help pay taxes, put up with  terrible landlords, poor water, expensive utilities, pay our many, many taxes that is levied on everything.  Buying  food for the table with costs getting higher daily.   Taxes are sky high and average folks are hounded by the IRS.  It is a shame that the IRS can do this to poor people and, of course, overlook  big businesses that have lawyers and loop holds.  Medical health costs are outrageous. Two thousand dollars a month for two people is bad enough.  And that is just with two plans.  Adding more plans, such as part B cannot be afforded. There are those few volunteer groups, churches and out-reach programs that might help if you are lucky.  Family members are usually busy with their activities, as well as, taking care of work and children.