Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Weekend - March 2016

Most of my paintings are created digitally and not always from my memory.  So many beautiful items of all kinds of art work out there.  The ideas are endless, therefore, I don't have to paint from memory anymore.
My hands are shaky now and a straight line eludes me all the time.  Thank goodness, I have my two favorite painting applications, Gimp and Paint.  I can cut, paste and copy anything off the web, as long as, I change the arrangements/pictures to my liking.  I realize this method has been around longer than my seventy-one years.  However, it is more fun to try and paint online pictures from online pictures.  Mine always turn out
like my own style: "impressionistic".

I cannot paint something that looks like a photograph or looks real to save my life. Unfortunately, all my art work comes out looking like a cartoon drawing instead of a painting.   Of course, with my eyes fluctuating between blurry vision after I eat, and double vision most of the time due to diabetes,  my paintings turn out many times,  flat and a one-dimensional version of what I am looking at.  Forgive me for being a bit color blind and  near-sighted as well.  It is so much fun and keeps my hands and eyes busy nicely.

 Oh well, lol, give me an interesting picture of something easy to draw and wham! My impression of what I see, with my eyes, is very do able.  And did I mention, it is so relaxing and such a fun hobby, it comes highly
recommended by me and so many others as a super hobby.  There are a lot of hobbies out there, but painting  is my drug of choice so to speak.  Like the picture below that, I did yesterday. It reminds me of my hubby and I, when, we lived in the northern neck river country and went sailing and fishing often.

Keep The Faith and Happy Easter to all.
Your friend, Lora (aka cooky) :)