Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day - Feb 14, 2016

Receiving special gift  from a family member, or a significant other, is always a pleasure anytime during the year.  However, on Valentine's Day, there is a particularly display of romance and friendship that is celebrated by all. 
      On Valentine's Day, you could receive or give a token of affection from someone or another, that could brighten his or her day.  
Flowers, a beautiful greeting card, stuffed toy and/or a decorated, red or pink,  heart-shaped box of an assortment of delicious chocolates or hard candies are particularly welcomed by most of us.  Take a few minutes of your time to partake of this lovely tradition on February 14th and make someone happy by extending your greeting of  love and warmth.  You can even treat yourself on this special day.  Buy yourself some flowers and candy that will brighten your day,  especially, if you are alone on this day.  Make it special for yourself and perhaps for a neighbor or mail person, bus driver or an elderly person, who might not have anyone in their lives.  Remember, a smile is always free.  Keep The Faith and God Bless You.  Your Friend, Cooky.