Monday, February 15, 2016

Burrrrrr - February 15, 2016

We are now experiencing more snow falling on President's Day.  We have another foot or more of the white stuff on our deck.  Although the snow is beautiful as it lays white across the land, it is a nuisance and a downer.  Can't get outside and don't want to go anywhere for fear of falling on the ice.  I still have that knee injury from long ago.  It happened when, I was scraping ice off the car to go to work.  The bad knee from this fall on the ice, still plagues today as it did  most of my adult life.
    Can't believe that, I actually loved the snow when younger. My mother and I would look out her picture window and say how beautiful the white snow looked.  We all played in it and did not come in to the house until we were nearly frozen and our fingers needed heating up over the heater.    We ran out of clean, dry gloves every time we played outside.  We used socks on our hands instead.  Mother didn't mind.  Maybe this will be the last snow fall for winter 2016. Hubby and I are ready for spring.  Stores already have Easter items on sale and inside, it feels warm and cozy.  Inside is great except for the furnace always coming on and off.  The electric bill will be extremely high for this month. 
I guess we will be complaining about the heat before long.  Never ending seasonal grief.
Well, guess I will just have to paint and draw Easter bunnies in memory of warmer days that will come around then.  Keep the faith, Your friend, Cooky :)