Thursday, January 28, 2016

Comfort Foods - Cheesy Grits And Shrimp

Comfort foods are sometimes entirely different even for close family members.  My two daughters and one son all have families of their own and cook to suit their own taste. However, they love dining at my house
for hubby and my home cooking.
For instance, my youngest daughter, bless her soul, loves to fix macaroni and cheese for her family. Her recipes look like those pictures in magazines they are so beautiful.   Her husband loves country style cooking, that he knows how to cook superbly.   Low-carb bread is my oldest daughters' favorite because, she is always on a diet of some kind.  Her many diet creations are low-carb and wonderful to say the least. Her low-card desserts are a vision of beauty.  That girl can make chicken in dozens of low carb ways that taste marvelously delicious.

My son and his family love eating out, anywhere at anytime and any cuisine.    Although his wife is a wonderful, talented cook, sometimes, they get bored with her unique style of cooking.  She leans towards healthy foods prepared in different styles, i.e., tex-mex, low fat, low carb foods.    She learned her country  cooking from her grandmother, who had all the desired knowledge of seasoning country food.  I copied her way of making a big pot of collard greens.  I didn't know that a pinch of baking soda made the greens plump up and taste even better.    My daughter-in-law is not afraid to try lots of different recipes including crock pot recipes, meatloaf and baked sweet morsels, that taste heavenly, as they melt in your mouth.  She sets a mean table for holidays as well.  Her table decorating skills are astonishingly beautiful.  On the other hand, my son cooks like I do,.  That means lots of  fried foods and one-pan wonders.  He and the kids love his wife's cooking best of all.

 Then there is my husbands comfort food cooking.  All the kids and grandchildren truly love my husbands' ribs best of all.  It is so much fun when the entire family come over and enjoy his ribs.  He cooks them in the oven and on the grill with different variations of seasonings and bar-b-que sauce on different slabs of  pork.

I personally love grits.  Always have and always will love them better than even oat meal.  I can eat grits with lots of added ingredients such as, mayo, bacon, sausage and egg.    I had never eaten grits and shrimp before until recently.  They were introduced to me by my youngest daughter.    She and her family had the dish in a recent visit to a restaurant called: "Cornbread And Caviar."  She claimed it was wonderful.  Although, she said her husbands' crab cakes, a chef specialty, were superb.

 I just had to try cheesy grits and shrimp.  My husband always makes shrimp scampi.  It was so easy for him to cook the cheesy grits separately, then add them to the shrimp scampi.  I ate a hugh portion of  both and my taste buds were asking for more.   I was in heaven.  My two favorite foods combined were perfect comfort foods during the January blizzard of 2016.
Take care and keep the faith,
Your friend, Cooky (aka Lora) :)