Saturday, February 20, 2016

Springing Into Consumer Sales

Into Spring we are going faster and faster.  In the sixties this weekend.  Probably, colder next week according to the weathermen.  I say men, because, I listen to all of them on every channel. Am hoping that at least one of them will hit the correct temperature hot or cold prediction.  You just never know anymore, the weather is so crazy.  There are St. Patrick's Day and Easter items on shelves in the stores already. 

 We are a consumer driven nation.  Although, I try very hard not to be motivated by sales ads anymore.  Prices have skyrocketed so high, it is hardly worth the work of clipping coupons.  Brands are so varied, not good for you and ads are fraudulent.  How about Parmesan cheese people adding wood and cheaper cheese but advertising it as all cheese.  That is worse than the pink stuff that was or still is being put in hamburger !
Further, did you know that lima beans raw, have a high toxin that is poisonness until they are cooked and drained.  Arsenic I believe.  Same for kidney beans; green potatoes, tomato leaves and nutmeg that contain some form of toxic poisoning in them raw.