Monday, January 25, 2016

January Snow Storm

All this beautiful white stuff on the ground.  My hubby and I enjoyed seeing it fall and drop twenty-nine inches on our deck.  We love snow, as long as, it doesn't hang around to much.  No more
snow would be a good thing.  However, the weather
man says we may get five inches more by Friday.

Speaking of weathermen...they work the public into a frenzy over the pending storm.  The station personnel were all happy and excited, probably, because, they predicted it correctly.  In fact, we really got sick of all the reporting on every channel.
 It was over kill as usual.  Why do they need to send reporters out to show everybody the streets.  To much unnecessary reporting in my opinion.   All the news people seemed to be in competition to see who could talk the loudest, fastest and laugh the most...yuck.  And they repeat all the information over and over again during the same time period. We had to turn the television off .  Lots of pictures of empty shelves in the stores.  Gotta get bread, milk, etc. Lots of kids made money by shoveling snow off driveways.  Snow plows were nonexistent around our area.  We heard them loud and clear, before, we actually had enough snow to plow.  By the time the storm was over, well, no snowplows could get through.