Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weather Changes, Extinction, Cabin Fever - Oh My !

What is with this mild winter we are having?    Cabin fever has already set in. However, I am a little leery regard what is to come soon. I am so confused.   The mid-western states are getting hit rather hard with snow, floods and rain.  I am grateful that snow has not fallen in our area.  I do not miss the deep freeze that snow puts us in.  Today its humid and mild with wind gusts.  Could it be March winds already?  I love science, history and weather. But now its more confusing than ever.

 Is the weather becoming extinct as we know it, just like many animals, plants, etc., are doing?    Perhaps our seasons are changing again this year. Winter comes in spring and ruins our crop planting calendar.  Spring comes in June.  April has march winds and snow, then May has April showers and snow some wheres.    July and August has hot heat and then it cools again in September, maybe?  Autumn is fall, and fall is winter...The world has climate changes going on all over in every continent.  Poor animals, they must be confused, as well as, people.  Poor climate conditions are making people sick all over the world. 

Some folks say we are in tribulations like indicated in the Bible. This is due to  rampant disease, plague, changing weather conditions, etc., all attacking people and the planet.    Then, add terrorists and that makes for a violent world.    I think things will get a great deal worse, if this is tribulations.   Then, of course, there is the "extinction problem" for us and animals as well.  Poor animals.  People are such maggots on the earth, animals do not have a chance to survive.  There will always be war in the middle eastern European continents according to the Bible.  God says that we are not to be concerned about it.  But who could not be scared to death for those poor people caught in the cross fires of military regimes. 

 The earth has been around for billions of years.  Perhaps earth was even inhabited by people for billions of years as well.   We are such a microscopic particle in the universe, I wonder why we exist at all sometimes.  This time warp thingy puzzles me beyond comprehension, as well as,  worm holes, star gates and black holes. It is hard to know what to believe anymore.