Friday, December 4, 2015

Merry Christmas Coming This Way

Holiday Ribbons And Bows:
I found this pattern on Pinterest the other day.  It makes a beautiful paper bow for placing on Christmas presents or anywhere.  My first bow from this pattern was so pretty, I had to copy the pattern onto my computer for later use. Directions: On the top piece, curl one side at a time toward the middle and secure it.  Attach it to the second piece. Wrap the third piece around the middle and secure it.  That's it.
I'm not sure, if it will work on cloth-type ribbon.  I will try some wide ribbon and let you know.
Everyone is getting excited about Santa Clause around this time of December.    The madness of black friday and cyber monday have passed easing tension caused by those shopping frenzies.

    My son and his wife hit a few stores and succeeded in procuring a few  surprises for their two teenage sons and daughter.  The boys are not so easy to shop for.  Give them anything technical and expensive and they are good to go.    Their daughter, is serving in the Army in Germany at this very moment. She is so easy to please.  Mom and Dad keep her well supplied with goodies and items from home. She loves the Army and traveling all over.  I really miss her and hope that she can come home on leave one of these days.

  I found out last week that my little Canon copier can do way more than originally thought.  It can spit out beautiful photo cards in minutes with the "My Image Garden" appt that comes installed with it. Any color or size font,  quite a few templates to choose from for every occasion.  Its user friendly and it will arrange the cards automatically if you want.  It will also make suggestions with one push of a button.  So easy, now that I have figured it out.    Well, take care folks and enjoy this time of year now, because it goes so quickly.