Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Is Almost Here 2015

I love the true meaning behind Christmas.  I don't care for consumer driven holidays.  Youth keeps it going for sure. Nothing is sacred anymore.

 Traditions that families have privately shared for decades, is now broadcast all over the world. Good traditions are discussed right up there with all the murders, crime and disasters by news people. Anchors beat a dead horse to death in my opinion. Every channel seems to be competing with each other for ads, news updates and public attention.

 Just like football announcers. The former football stars or announcers talk excessively all through the games about anything and everything to do with players, the statistics including where they went to college, family, injuries, and much more about each player and play.  So much yada one has to turn the volume down to enjoy the game. 

The news people discuss even the most microscopic details for every holiday. No leaf is left upturned, especially  for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

The TV is now controlled by advertisements on every channel. One has to flip the channels and listen to the few lines actors say between the ads.  It is hard to listen to so many ads.   Who can afford all that stuff advertised?  Not me and millions like me.  Our paychecks do not go up, although the prices of food and everything else has gone up.