Thursday, November 5, 2015

November - 2015

Hello Folks:

Happy Veteran's Day to all our Vets out there.  I believe the Vet Hospitals should do something about their poor service to our Vets.

 Several important happenings this Fall season for us  One thing important is that, it's open season for health insurance.  In addition, Veteran's Day comes along with its many sale-brochure mail outs. End of golf and baseball happens as well. Our favorite shows are now repeats.    

 Open season OPM folks have added "member +one"  if you choose to elect that insurance, versus member + family coverage.  That is of course, if you have more than one dependent.     I spent better part of the morning the other day, going over and over dozens of informational pages regarding the different scenarios of  health insurance related matters.  I did not want to spend money to get the proffered comparison tool, much less, give them my card to pay for it.  I had to read through pages and pages of yadda at their site in order to squeak out the parts that pertained to my family. .  So many twists and turns getting to the underlined addresses.  It's hard to find the exact answer to whatever question you want answered.  When you finally find the stuff you want to know...well it's written in "general" terms versus specific terms. Then they have the audacity to want you to rate whether the question was answered or not.   I wish it were simpler.

Veteran's Day is to honor our Vets in some way or form. Why can't stores do something nice for our veterans rather than being so consumer oriented to get that almighty dollar.  Merchants Veteran Day sale papers come in the mail by the pound.  These sales and products look no different than any other holiday sale.  The exception is, that  the prices have been raised to make you think its a last-chance sales event.  There is no change from everyday since, sales occur in every store, and flyers come every day in the mail. 

November marks the end of the baseball and golf seasons as well.  The Kansas City Royals
won the world series as rightly they should. The first win since thirty some years they say.
They played awesome baseball and looked liked they enjoyed every minute of each game
against the NY Mets.

Golf dwindled down the last few tournaments with the younger players managing
super-wonderful wins. Ricky Fowler, McElroy, Speath, and Day won every so easily.
Bubba Watson hung in there as well.  Gosh it was great watching all the young energizes
players winning over and over again.  I will miss golf this winter.

Thank goodness for late night shows.  Take a long nap during the day so you can stay up and watch the four young men hosting these late night shows.  Two new, young British guys taking the place of  David Letterman, whom I miss terribly and Ferguson's late late show.   Jimmy Kimble, Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon are a must see. Even if its only to see their sweet young, smiling faces.  They are all our friends that entertain us in our own living rooms each night.

In summary,  it is on to football, hockey and basketball with a few good shows thrown in between.
Television and cable offer  new movies and productions, however, they introduce them slowly during the months ahead,  filtering in a few  new shows monthly in between the reruns.   Thank goodness, the Brown Family is coming on again.  At least their struggles are so much worse than our own, the show actually makes me feel good, especially when they triumph over bears and everyday alerts.  Good Luck, to them this new season.  I did read that a bear broke into their house causing havoc and breaking out a window.   In addition, I hope at least one of the boys finds a soul mate... However, bears scare me to death.... 
It is going to be a long, cold winter.