Monday, November 16, 2015

Is The Joy Out Of Christmas?

Are the holidays bringing you joy or leaving you exasperated?  They don't even say the word "Christmas" anymore to label Jesus' Birthday.  It is called "The Holidays". Guess that is what they are calling Thanksgiving and New Years Day as well.    Maybe days off will soon change to all of them being called just that, a plain old holiday.

I was glad to hear and see that teens, young adults and lots of older people were celebrating Halloween. It is not just for little children anymore.  We take every opportunity to have a day off to celebrate something or another.   I am sure everyone will also celebrate Christmas even though it is just a holiday according to some.  I notice that the television news folks, just laugh and accept the new terms like they do everything else.  Why don't they take a stand on some issues?  This seems to be a good one to start with.  Make it right and don't accept those that say it is just another holiday season.  Wonder what is going to happen to Easter ??  Keep the faith.