Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Television - Oct 14, 2015

Cooler weather, perfect temperatures during the day and at night.  Still running the air conditioner part of the day. Seeing many of my family members going to pumpkin patches and grand kids playing softball and baseball.    Baseball and golf seasons are almost over for the year.  Cold weather games begin...

I will miss my favorite baseball announcer, Bob Carpenter and FP (Frank Peter Santiago) for the Nationals.  Their voices are soothing and so nice to listen to. They don't shove every bit of detail down your throat like others do.  And, they are most interesting to watch and listen to.  After all, Bob Carpenter did win best announcer in Baseball last year.  He deserves it so much.  FP  is charming and well versed to say the least. Both are handsome young fellars and good family men. 
 I really find the football announcers most annoying.   So many more sports now than ever before it seems.  Many of the  announcers for the games are loud and obnoxious. There are so many announcers covering the sport teams.  There is pregames and post games and lots in between.    Wow, to much talk and comparisons.    All announcers, and there are so many of them at once, competing to get the last word in regarding every play and every player.  Do we really need to know each player's life history and injuries??  The announcers tell you microscopic details.  It's as annoying as those television commercials.    All I want to do is relax and watch a good sports game.  Doesn't matter which sport.  Just give me a little peace and quiet at these games.   However, the announcers are loud, sometimes screaming with excitement, when there is a touchdown or goal made. I guess they are trying to drum up some excitement for television viewers, as well as, audiences.

I hope the Mets get the win for the trophy of best team in all.    They beat the Nationals easily during their three days of play. They deserve to win it all.   There will be endless games all through the week and weekends from now until the Superbowl, then months beyond January.    I can't keep up with them like I used to when younger.  My hubby stays glued to the sports channels.   Give me the slower pace of
golf anytime over these body-clashing sports games.
Keep the faith, Your Friend,
Cooky :)