Sunday, November 22, 2015

"Happy Thanksgiving"

It is time once again for our Thanksgiving holiday season and all it entails.  We have so many things and people in our lives to be grateful for,   Sometimes,  it is a hard fact to realize, that there is so much hunger and anger in this world with not to much we can do about it.  Yes, every little bit helps though.

 The least we can do, is to give back to our communities and special people in our lives with donations to local food banks and charities.   Perhaps to "pay it forward,"  is a good way of describing a way that, we can personally help others.    Sometimes special people stand out in our lives who give more than expected. 

My husband and I are especially grateful for one of these persons.  Today, he brought over a box full of  assorted foods and groceries including a plump turkey.  That thoughtful deed of sharing with us is not the first time he has done that.  There have been many times before, when he was thoughtful enough to share his bounty of  food with us and many others.    We truly have appreciated his many gifts.    Life has not been easy for him and his wife. They have very little themselves.  However, sharing with others is what they always do.

A gift of food is right up there with gifts of kindness, love and thoughtfulness in my book.  I am grateful for all God's Blessings.    By His Hands we all are fed, thank you, God for this our daily bread. Amen.