Sunday, October 4, 2015

Happy Halloween - 2015

I love this time of year, when leaves are turning gypsy colors and the weather has turned colder.  The nights seem long; and television has a few new good shows. Fall and Autumn are exciting and
are a perfect prelude into Thanksgiving and on into Christmas. Family time with cooking and gift giving are a wonderful tradition for all. Including animals.
 My cats don't like going outside, when its cold or
when it is raining.  I wonder how they will react when it snows.  Our Doggy does not mind cold
weather at all.

We all should remember our wild animals and birds in the winter.  They need extra seeds, nuts, fruit and bread during the coldest weather.  I remember, when we fed the swans. that came up to our dock for handouts.  One winter two, a male and female, came to shore because of the ice on the river.  We threw them bread which the male grabbed first bite.  He then sweetly turned to the female and gave her his piece of bread.  The next spring, the same swans came back to visit with their group of little swans following behind. Enjoy this season.  Remember to thank God for his abundant love and gifts of nature.

Take care, and keep the faith,
Your Friend, Cooky :)