Friday, April 10, 2015

April 10th 2015: Easter Has Come And Gone - Lets Get On To Summer

The weather is steadily getting warmer day-by-day.  The birds are singing, grass growing, trees and flowers are blooming big time.  I look forward to reading the newspaper daily.  Our paper, The Star Newspaper has something for everyone and is great reporting on all seasonal happenings.  For instance:
I love Donny Johnson's daily column in the Star.  He is also a farmer and gardener.  His opinions and facts about  today's local and political world are in my opinion, "right on."  However, planting and seasoning information are my favorites.    He seems to hit the mark with his topics on any given topic from grass, gardening - to world politics. Mostly his columns makes us take notice of our surroundings and what is happening in nature and gardening with less focus on political turmoil.    His columns makes us laugh, cry, and think about good or unfair situations in the news.  His column is inspirational to say the least. He is a self-proclaimed good ole boy.  His common sense is well worth reading about.  Keep it up Donny, we love reading your columns.