Thursday, July 2, 2015

Some Thoughts - July 2015

Winter is way too long. Every thing is gray or black and white.   Getting older is not what it's cracked up to be for some of us.  Health and financial woes prevail, leaving us a bit frustrated.  Too sick to travel and have fun; not enough money to do things anyway.  Another 4th Of July in a few days.  Cold and rainy with some thunderstorms and tornadoes.    Car wrecks and sirens going off constantly. Traffic is terrible during rush hour - so it gets worse on holidays and during the summer.   The cat and dog want out; then want in again due to the extreme heat.  Rewards:
Awwww, fresh vegetables and tomatoes that are not anemic.  Cantaloup and water melon  that is ripened perfectly.  BLT sandwiches....yum.   No baking in the hot oven, no soup or hot roasts dripping in gravey.
Yes, it is good to get out of the winter mode of cooking and eating to stay warm.  Sunshine brings sunny thoughts and attitudes.  Lawnmowers every weekend with weed eaters buzzing and making noise early in morning.  Flowers all blooming and everything is dark green.  Rearranging furniture and de-clutering; deep cleaning.  Weekends are long lazy days that are fulfilling, happy and delightful. Baseball and golf, slow sleepy games.  No need to hustle, no time watch.  Repeats mosting on television.  The days is gone before you begin, just like that, in a snap of your
fingers.  No set menus, salads in abundance.  Fruity ice-cold drinks guzzled or sipped slow - that make you thirst for more.  Love those tangerine flavors.  So much to do in the summer; so little time to do it in...