Saturday, August 30, 2014

School Time Again - Sep 2014

School busesThe beginning of school  is a happy time for parents and children. Not for me.     I say, "humbug" to school buses, not necessarily schools.  They are big, loud, rumble and clank along in the early morning hours, then comes back during the evenings to do it all over again.The noise wakes me so early and breaks up my sleep.  Parents and children wake me up talking and yelling happily and excited.  Gosh forbid a bus is running late.  The commotion among riders and parents is really loud at bus stops.  Of course, there are always bullies or kids picking on each other making squealing noises.  "You forgot your lunch, is another favorite saying of parents.     Buses that come near your street, or home, are definitely heard by all.  Buses and trash trucks could wake up the dead with they noisy operations.One picks up children and the other picks up trash.  It seems that's the way society rolls in this day and age a well as, many years ago.     One can hear their brakes squeal and loud clanking of doors, as they open and shut on roads and in neighborhoods well before the sun comes up.  They squeak and shake noisily as they rattle along streets  picking up children at corners and bus stops.    Noisy parents and children start heading for bus stops with no regard for sleeping neighbors.   Now, not everyone is that way.  It is an exciting and gleeful time for parents and children as they walk in the cool mornings and warm evenings in flocks or singularly towards that big yellow bus.   Bus stops are on each corner, off of highways, on side roads and in every nook and cranny.  You just can't get away from them. They obstruct traffic when they stop and it is the law, one must stop behind them.  Have you ever been behind a school bus on a long, country road with a gazillion stops along the way? It is exasperating to say the least.   "Patient,"  is a good word to describe bus drivers, bless their pee picking souls.  Take care
and keep the faith.