Wednesday, July 30, 2014

No To Chocolate, Sugar, Bread, Salt

Everyone tells you that, when you get old, you can't eat what you are used to eating.  That is an understatement for sure !   The amounts you eat matters as well.  Half cup of everything is usually the case.  One or the other also, but not both they say as far as bacon or sausage goes.  Cut out the egg yoke is another joke...pun.  lol 

Guess we must survive on vitamins and medicines at least dozens of each.  Stuff you have never heard of such as:  uppers and downers, one to make you pee, one to stop you from swelling, four to help your BP., one for your heart, kidneys, etc.  Gosh, whats a girl supposed to do?  Oh well, on my food group picture, I did add a bottle of vino.   lol