Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thanks To My Better-Half

My Better Half:
I recently got out of the hospital once again.  Different medics, hospital, illness, etc.  Out of all this help, it is husband's daily ritual of giving me an IV that most amazes me.   His very large, beautiful hands with the largest fingers I have ever seen, fingers that has helped so many people during his lifetime, are now nimble enough to clean and feed tiny tubes into place, that give my body the fluids and antibiotics that it needs to recover.  When people say, I am lucky to have him, I counter, that he is lucky to have me also!  However, I do realize just how lucky I am to have him in this late part of my life.  Not exactly sure how, I could have managed without him.  He walks with a cane and has the same age-related problems that I have, some are even worse than mine.    Yet, he continues caring, loving and helping me and all that need him, without complaining, day in and day out despite his own handicaps. He brings joy to my family and many others daily.

Recently, he flew to his Canadian home town to console and visit a beloved brother-in-law who is dying of cancer. While there, he helped his sister plant at least four-hundred potato hills among other things, discussed how to correct problems that his brothers were facing and generally helped wherever he could.    He always stops to visit folks in our own neighborhood where we live. Normally, folks around home seek his knowledgeable brain-data base of experience and information regarding anything and everything.  My adult children call him "McGeiver" after the TV series depicting a man who always comes up with the right answer to solving any problem.

Surely God has a place in heaven for my hubby.  He is not exactly a saint, but Oh,  what a strong big heart he has.   Thank you my love for marrying me and for all you do for us.  God Bless you,  hugs and kisses,

Your wife. :)