Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Heat

Hi folks ! Can you believe another 4th of July is here. In addition and right on schedule is the summer heat and thunder storms, that come at the end of a long hot day.  It was 102 degrees today and you could have fried an egg on any surface outside.    Hopefully, the rain will help cool things down a bit and give the grass a good drink.  Wishful thinking: "Maybe the rain won't flood every river in America wiping out houses and  creating mud slides?"  Thank goodness, the National's baseball game wasn't rained out. 
       Thank goodness inside is cool and inviting. The elevated electric bills are worth the comfort.  Especially, when we barely notice the heat outside, until we walk and get into the car for a quick shopping trip to wally world, our one stop store for all our needs, then the heat blast you like a furnace taking your breath away until you turn on the air conditioner in the car.   Despite the traffic and packed parking lots, we reached our destination and enjoyed  a couple hours of shopping and people watching.  Love to people watch !
       Such a diverse-looking crowd going in and out; it's like a three-ring circus. I love to watch all the nationalities, different sizes, shapes, outfits, families and all the diversity of folks shopping there. It relieves me to know that, I fit right in with the crowd !  No matter how we are dressed, how much money we make, the color of our skin, our shape and size, or how we are dressed - it all boils down to how polite we are to
each other when its that crowded.  Unlike some days, I am glad to report that, my experience today revealed the crowds to be mostly peaceful, as we sidestep each other in the aisles - and  mostly polite to each other while sharing the same space.   Keep the faith.