Monday, June 9, 2014

Culinary Deliciousness

My entire family prepare their own versions of many wonderfully delicious tasting recipes. Each member, whether its siblings or in-laws, has perfected his or her own specialties over the years. A few noteworthy items are my husband's ribs and my two daughters' everyday meals.  All the kids come over for this treat and gobble them down in no time.  Served with his homemade, delicious, southern style potato salad and corn on the cob (cooked in the microwave and then on the grill in the husk) is a family picnic to be proud of.

     First, Tony, my hubby, who is still learning to cook southern style, has learned how to make the best ribs, potato salad, cinnamon buns and chicken salad in this world.  I've not tasted any better than his anywhere.  He does two versions of pork or beef ribs.  One is rubbed with a dry, spicy seasoning.  The other version is left plain.  Sauces include honey and hickory BBQ sauces.   These come from a bottle, however, his ribs really don't need sauce at all.  His preparation includes:  slow-baking the pork or beef for several hours.  Then they are drained and marinated over and over again and taken to the outside grill.    Next, he grills them for a short period of time.  This stage perfects the dark red, smokey, luscious, burnt flavors we all love.
Second is his mouth-watering chicken salad.  He used a  fresh chicken from  Wal-Mart already cooked.  We like the family sized butter-garlic chicken. It's so delicious, and we can get two different meals from one.   My sister makes a wonderful chicken and dumplings from a Wal-Mart roasted chicken.  It's so easy,
I can't ask for anything more deliciously prepared.  I feel that Wal-Mart chicken is better that many of the other carry-out chicken places, if you know what I mean.   

Third, my two daughters can make the most beautiful recipes.  Their meal results, whether it is baked cookies and cakes to roasted port loins and greens, look like a picture in a food magazine.    My daughter-in-law's pork bar-b-cue is especially noteworthy. She starts with a pork butt roast and uses a slow cooker.  Her seasonings are simple, nothing fancy, and include just the right amount of vinegar versus sugar.  Lip smacking good !

Finally, the trick to eating and tasting these wonderful fatty foods without gaining weight is to only eat small bites they say...   "Those that can do, those that can't do, teach."  Television chefs have taught my family how to cook and prepare easy, tasty foods.  I believe that they watch the portion sizes.  
     Ahhhh, I can smell the bread baking and the roast cooking.  The joy of tasting superbly-prepared meals is surely one of God's gifts to humans.  Got to go cook something.  Take care and  keep the faith.