Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Must Love Cats - And I Do

Must Love Cats - And I Do:  Just added a sweet little kitty to our family. I debated on whether to do this or not. However, when this stray kitten wandered into our yard, we just couldn't resist. I long for the love and silky smoothe, furry, little body against my legs and in my lap. Kitty was very thin and starved. However, her eyes were sweet and gentle although, she was a bit weak. She purred immediately when I held her. The vet said, that she was a very healthy three month old kitten, considering how thin she was. Someone just dropped her off in our neighborhood. We found out that she was litter box trained and comes to the sound of a cat food can top opening. She got all her meds and settled in as if she had been born here all along. Such a sweetie pie - loves to cuddles on my chest under my chin. My grands rushed over to observe this little black darling with a white spot on her neck and green eyes. They began sneezing and coughing, etc. We were amazed to discover that they were terribly allergic to her. Thank goodness, hubby and I are not allergic. Anyway, we are glad she found us. So many stray animals out there. It is overwhelming to me how so many thousands are euthanized each day. However, it does stop there suffering. Support your local SPCA. tc