Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hospitals - Good or Bad Reputations?

Hospitals -  Good or Bad Reputations?   I Recently stayed a few days in our local hospital. I saw hospital personnel working extremely hard to help people like myself. Well, its true, angels do exist, especially angels of mercy. My personal experience was great - almost bordering on luxurious at times.

There are many pro's and con's about how a hospital gets a positive or negative reputation. I won't go into those at this time. However, I feel it's a matter of personal attitude by the patient. As well as, a positive attitude towards the staff that makes for a positive or negative health-care experience. How it works so well is way beyond my scope of understanding - sure has to include good administration and planning. Only positive remarks about its reputation will come out of my mouth. Hopefully, I reciprocated with a like attitude.

This hospital is also a training place for a multitude of staff from A to Z in every department with each having many facets of medical care for patients. I was amazed how the hundreds of synchronized services worked together so very smoothly. Much like a well-oiled machine with all parts depending on one another to work together in coordinating the care given to patients. Round-the-clock care by the hospital's dozens of teams; i.e., including, but not limited to doctors, nurses, admin, aids, permanent/part time workers and contractors such as food service was amazing. All working to help me and others feel better or maybe in a life or death situation.

I am grateful for my family's help, love and support. All I can say about my hospital staff is BRAVO ! I was lucky this time. Thanks, to all for being there for me. Keep the faith. Your friend, Cooky :)