Friday, August 23, 2013

A Few Favorites

A Few Favorites:  Recently, I tried these favorite recipes: peasant bread, chicken salad and lemon pasta with peas but no scallops. All were successful but not so easy if you are an inexperienced baker.
First, the peasant bread from Alexandra's Kitchen. It turned out delicious and I can't wait to make the bread again. I watched a video on pinterest of someone other than Alexandra making this same bread. However, the recipe from Alexandra seemed to turn out more flavorful. It was dense and light at the same time. I made plain, toasted croutons from some of the leftover bread. I did not have enough pyrex bowls and used an aluminum bowl for final baking. Had to go out and buy three new round pryrex bowls at Wally World. Alexandra describes the process with excellent writing and descriptive skills. Further, her finished product is in a clear picture like a professional display. I really enjoy her style of writing and cooking. Her blog stated that they have moved to New York and hubby got out of the Marine Corps. I will gladly continue to follow her on pinterest and facebook wherever she may live. I believe they are settled now for a long time in there new house with the fruit trees in the back yard. Her tips for efficient kitchen and inserts about her children are a delight.

Second, my hubby made a chicken salad to die for. He can mix the chicken to the correct consistency. He cooks and prepares food a little different than me. It was so delicious, we finished it off today. No nuts or onion. Plain celery with a touch of garlic and Old Bay seasonings. My style is more of a one-pot-wonder recipe bordering on southern cooking. Well, my mother was a great southern cook. Both she and I were born in South Carolina, so its totally appropriate for me to follow in her and her mother's cook-steps.

Third, we tried the pasta with lemon reccotta cheese, peas with thyme, salt and pepper. We did not have scallops so we left it out. The pasta was regular round noodles versus flat ones. It turned out superb with just a hint of lemon. The reccotta made it smooth and very palliative.
All in all, these dishes were prepared successfully. This does not always happen with some of the complicated instructions given on pinterest. I always pin those that are my favorites.