Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Controlling Our Diets

Controlling Out Diets:

Watching and controlling our food intake, portion sizes and ingredients are top priority. Even more so since we have gotten older. I hate having to watch every mouthful I ingest. Perhaps in Heaven, one can eat anything and never gain weight like in the Meryl Streep movie that came out several years ago. According to serving sizes, my husband and I have been eating like a family of four or more. Of course, the damage has already been done to our bodies from eating foods loaded with toxic chemicals, sodium and vast amounts of sugars throughout our lives. Because we ignored the fact, that these additives did so much harm to our bodies, we are now paying the price both in body and dollar signs. Wishing, that I had started doing all this cooking clean and eating fresh earlier in my life.

Cooking clean and fresh is expensive and lots of work, with to much waste in my opinion. Its not easy to adhere to a diabetic, heart healthy, low fat/sugar/salt diet. Diabetes, high blood pressure to mention a few health concerns, definitely make cooking "cleaner" a necessity inorder to promote my better health. For years our portion/serving sizes have been over-indulgently extra large. For example, a quarter cup of cereal is a serving according to the powers that be. This one-fourth cup includes an extraordinary amount of calories, sugar, sodium in many cereal choices. Add milk a few berries or other fruits to cereals and you have your total calorie or fat grams used up for the entire day and it's only breakfast. Thirty grams of fat is all one needs for an entire day. We can blow all those at breakfast easily, if we are not careful.

Personally, this change in shopping and cooking foods comes as a no surprise to my hubby and I. However, it is a pain in the neck always shopping this way. We have notice not only us but many others clog the isles reading labels. No one gets upset as we linger in isles comparing ingredients in foods. Everyone else is doing and its so worth it in the long run. Keep the faith. :)