Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Glories End Of Summer 2013

My Morning Glories End Of Summer 2013:  They  has been a pleasure to me this year as always. These blossoming flowers are a blessing as they return each year from seeds that have fallen on the ground around the deck. Each year they bloom the same color blue with a few variation in size and color ob blue. Watching them climbing up along the deck rails from the soil, reaching for the sky is awesome. They will continue to bloom in the mornings until the first frost. Each morning they withdraw into themselves when the sun gets to bright or warm and the green foilage will wilt a bit under the heat of the August sunshine. Cool mornings will bring out the peak of the growth through the first frost or late September or October. You know its winter when the vines freeze, die and turn to seed. One can leave the ghostly brown vines like they are, or collect the seeds to replant more glories throughout the yard. My hubby is good at growning them along side of the shed in the back yard. It is sad
when they are gone because that means winter is here and Jack Frost is nipping at our nose. My digital is not the greatest at preserving their beauty, however, it is a nice reminder of late summer as fall approaches.

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