Monday, November 20, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving To All -2017

Let us all truly believe in the sanctity of love and good deeds no matter what religion you are.

           November has gone by so fast, it makes my head spin.  Now its a few days from Thanksgiving.  I am so very thankful for so many things, it would be impossible to list them all.  Mostly I am grateful for God letting me live this long.  Next, would be gratefulness for my husband and family.  Of course, I am grateful for friends and relatives everywhere who assist us in our daily lives. So many people contribute to our well being on a daily basis, I am not sure how I would survive without these folks in my life.  The small and large acts of kindness and charity are what I am talking about.  Where would Puerto Rico and Texas be right now with out the love from others shown through donations and help after those terrible hurricanes.?
           For instance, our doctors, ministers and volunteers,  who honestly care about us all and my hubby and myself, are right up there with God.  Firefighters, rescue squads, nurses and organizations all over the world stand up and contribute to those in need.
         There are GOOD people in this world and they outnumber the evil ones in my opinion.  Christianity is alive and well in this world.    Although, we only hear about the evil acts of violence on the media for this area and all over the world.  It does not take away from  good deeds  and love,  that is shown to those in need by Christian people and caring persons all over the world no matter what faith they are.

Take care, keep the faith
Your friend