Thursday, December 8, 2016

Snow Is On Its Way For Christmas 2016

There are snow storms heading to northern VA.  The weather has been so mild for the last couple months and it has been very enjoyable.   The thought of all the white snow throwing everything into a deep freeze is not comforting at all.  Each winter seems to get harder and harder putting up with the freezing cold weather. Being warm and comfortable is costly.  Heating bills get higher each year.  Worse than summer air conditioning bills.  The cold weather can cause such havoc for wild birds and animals.  Some survive but many succumb to the harsh elements of winter. 

Florida must be a nice, warm place all year long.  No heating bills and no snow.  Sure, some folks love the white snow. However, if you do not get snow where you live - one can long for the colder weather and wish for snow.  However, if you live with snow every winter, then it can be uncomfortable, to say the least,  having to trek around to work, school and shopping in the snow.
The winter's beauty of snow doesn't last long and is usually melting in a couple of days.  This leaves black ice and sludge on the streets and everywhere.

Bundling in layers of clothing to keep warm is for the young.  I used to think the cold weather was
invigorating to my old bones.  With the passing of time and the inevitability of ageing, the colder
weather just becomes a nuisance, that we have to deal with during the severe cold parts of winter.  Staying inside out of the weather can get boring, when one has exhausted all ideas for inside work and play. By January and February, the coldest months of the year, cabin fever invades our brain and we get a little stir-crazy.