Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving's Over - What's The Hurray For Christmas?

Christmas is a man-made holiday, supposedly to celebrate God's gift to us of the birth of his son Jesus.   Now, the word Christmas is taken out of the equation. It is call Happy Holidays, vs Merry Christmas. 

 We shouldn't wish our lives away.  Since Thanksgiving is over,  its time too hurry, hurry to make it fun and feel like Christmas... What's The Hurray?  I say: "Slow down and enjoy life if you can." We make the "happy holidays happy", not necessarily the gifts. It is an attitude of joy and wonder that abound around the holidays. I have tried for years to teach my adult children this concept.   Most people just need a few days off from their jobs to make them happy.

The holidays are consumer driver by the big retail stores.  Shoppers can actually find Christmas décor out in Sept.   Some stores are specifically open all year round for Christmas shopping. Many people have put up the Christmas Tree and decorated it by 1 Dec.   Many people keep their Christmas tree up all year.  Trying to keep the "happy"  that was felt during last Christmas. 

Whoa ! I did that once on the first day of December. Never again.  I was so sick of those decorations by the 25th.  Another year, I wrapped and shopped during the spring and summer sales.  There was nothing left to shop for by December. Bummer, it was.  That was no fun.  Even the tape on the wrapped gifts dried out and many popped open from the heat inside the house. 

As the kids get older and become young adults, we do slow down some regarding the holidays and expenditures.  Santa Claus is for the very young.  A belief, that when they find out it is not real, hurts their hearts when they are older.  Green Eggs And Ham is weird and old German tales could be confusing to children. Why do we try to confuse the little one with old poems, sayings and songs? I also wonder why we decorate with little ceramic cottages covered in snow and have trees.  Why do we try to recreate the old days when displaying Christmas.  Oh Well. 

I am not a scrooge, but the glamour of the holidays have certainly dimmed in my eyes.  There is Not enough money to buy what everyone actually wants. One to save all year in a Christmas Club to do the holidays; or use credit cards.  All that does not make me happy.  However, to be able to sit quietly and reflect on the birth of Christ.  All the  while,  listening to sweet Christmas carols and being safe and warm makes me very happy.

Saying prayers for all those people and countries that will not experience "happy holidays" this year is important.   Paying it forward, backward and sideways, if you can, help others this year.

Keep the faith,
Lora (aka cooky)