Thursday, August 20, 2015

August 20, 2015 - Glory Be

The morning glories on my deck are blooming right along.  Bugs haven't eaten the leaves yet and that is nice.  Flowers are healthier this year.   A couple years hubby cut them way back and it has affected the growth tremendously.  I tried saving all those seeds but most of them decayed.  Next time, I will store the seeds in the refrigerator and hopefully it will help preserve them.  Each year the seeds fall to the grown and vines and blossoms start a new in mid-summer.  The leaves wilt when the sun and heat hits them and the flowers close tight shut.  Not to worry, glories are a hardy lot and they bounce right back full and beautiful each morning.  Maybe next year,  I will get some"moon-glory" seeds and plant them.  I hear they are beautiful at night.  Keep the faith.Your friend Cooky :)