Monday, January 19, 2015

Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness, Christmas, New Years Eve and most of January is over. These holidays went so fast
that, now I can take a deep breath and look forward to golf and, of course, the superbowl.

Loved the playoff games and don't really care who wins.  Seattle Seahawks or New England Patriots don't matter to me as both are good teams.  I get a little turned off football, because of so many injuries occurring constantly during the games.  Well,  if you pay players big money to go head-to-head physically, then injuries are to be expected.  I don't have to like it though.  Injuries in sports can cause arthritis in later years that can be pretty painful.

I sure miss my hot tub. It can ease joint pain and is great for diabetics some say.    I could use the physical therapy on my knees and joints. When you get old and arthritic all over, then,  I wished I had not done in my youth, things that crippled my body now.  Sports were not the only thing that causes painful arthritis in later years.  Falls, sprains, bruises, and broken bones of any kind from head to toe can cause a painful experience when you get older.  Even, young folks can have injuries that plague them.  Our bodies are strong, but fragile at the same time.  We should be good our muscles and bones.  If exercise hurts, its not for me.