Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mid October - Fall 2014

        Time for fall festivals, sweaters, jackets, raincoats and warming foods. Apples, tatars, corn, pumpkins abound.   The leaves are turning  gypsy colors of red, burnt orange and burnt sienna, as well as many shades of yellow-golds.Time to paint my colorful acrylic pictures by hand this year instead of on the computer.
       Fall festivals exhibiting handmade foods and crafts for the upcoming celebrations of Halloween, Thanks
Giving and Christmas.  I used to love to go to the Heritage Festival in Luray, VA.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are quite nice this time of year,  especially, as the trees turn fall colors. Another one our family likes in located at Jelly Stone Camp Ground near Luray, VA.  Hundreds of parents and children, as well as old and young folks gather to dress up their sites for halloween contests.  They offer crafts and kids and prizes for winners.
It is well worth the trip to either locations.
        I blanched four very large heads of cabbage a month ago. They are stored nicely in our freezer for later use.    It would have been six heads of cabbage, but I decided to give my daughter, who was helping me, two of them.  Nothing better than well-seasoned cabbage and rice with a little ham thrown in for good measure.  Froze several large green bell peppers.  Sweet potatoes, red and white onions and potatoes are safely tucked in a dry area.  Can't wait to make lots of soups and baked cakes and pies. 
       Soon the weather will turn icy cold as it gets closer to Christmas here in Virginia land.  So enjoy the mild or cool temperatures while you can and don't turn on the heater until absolutely necessary to save on high heating bills for October.  Actually, we have had ours on a few times already.
        On television, baseball and golf are over. No more Nationals games nor McElroy and Mickelson winning those golf tournaments.   Now basketball, football and hockey are beginning.  Anything to keep occupied - its gonna be a long, cold winter.  Take care and Keep The Faith.