Saturday, April 5, 2014

What's Cooking ?

Hi folks, Glory Be! - Spring Thyme is finally here and I'm so very grateful. I've been trying new recipes of my own concoction. With sixty years of doing this very thing, you would think that this would be easy for me. At my age, I have to try and focus even more on recipes versus relying on my cooking skills. This week, I have achieved success with creating and cooking (no salt added) crab cakes; creamed cauliflower and chicken soup; and a simply delicious mixed beverage drink. The drink idea came from Pinterest, however, my concocted drink didn't tast or look the same as Pinterest..

First, crab cakes were made and the recipe adapted from various sources. For instance,
I used bread soaked in milk, as a filler, instead of pankco bread crumbs. I saw Rachel Ray do this. Then she squezzed the bread to drain the excess liquid before adding it to the delicious tasting lump crab meat. Then, I added a couple tablespoons of mayo and a few shakes of old bay, garlic and parsley seasonings. I did not use an egg. The bread held it all together just fine. My friend told me once that, they are tastier with no egg and she was right on. I formed patties and fried them up in a little olive oil and butter. Yummy ! They did not last long enough for pictures. One pound of crab meat makes enough for hubby and I.

Second, the next morning, I was in a soup mood. We had a head of cauliflower starring at me.
I remembered a recipe seen on Pinterest, that was made with brocolli. However, the cauliflower worked just fine as a substitute. Made it with milk, the normal salty seasonings, then added peas and chopped carrots for color. Bubby added a frozen bag of already cooked chicken breast pieces.
A heaping tablespoon of dissolved cornstarch was the thickener. After it had come to a boil and the veggies were cooked, I let it simmered for about thirty minutes. My final ingredient was a handful of cheddar cheese. My daughter stopped by and had some of the soup for lunch and she thought it was
simply delicious. So did we. Plenty left for tomorrow.

Last, I had seen a recipe on Pinterest for a watermelon, lemonaide, mango mixed drink.
I happened to have all three items on hand, so thought to give it a try. I made a
simple syrup from sugar and water. Then added the mashed, peeled watermellon, mango pieces and sugar free dry packet of lemonaide. (A shortcut because, I was too lazy to get a few lemons from the refrig to use.) Next, I added a sprinkle of ginger and mint, then let it all simmer before draining/straining it. Since, we did not have vodka on hand to mix with the boiled liquid, we decided to mix it with our wine at dinner. Yes, it was very good! Gave the wine a minty, fruity taste. Both the watermellon and other flavors come through deliciously. I might make ice cubes of the rest of the necture. It did turn out a bit more cloudy than I expect. Not sure why?

Oh I love those lazy days of summer. The summer heat, they can keep.

Keep the faith