Friday, February 21, 2014

March Winds, April Showers, May Flowers - Think Spring Thyme

March 2014 Winds, April Showers, May Flowers - Think Spring Thyme:
What is better than warm, flaky crescent rolls with any meal? Answer: More of the same. I can't wait to try my latest pinned recipe pictured above - the look of deliciousness.

Cooking and eating changes in the Spring. Meal times become explosions of colors, taste and freshness unheralded due to in the winter. Salads become stars of the meals and multicolored drinks, fruits and vegetables. Less red meat this year, maybe? The television news said that a drought out west is really bad this year and will, no doubt, affect the price of beef. If only the snow could be directed to the dry fields where cattle need to graze...Guess I'm living in a fool's paradise with that way of thinking.

Recently, I prepared homemade egg-roll wrappers from astonishing enough, a recipe, I pinned on pinterest. It featured a Nigerian cooking show. The wrappers turned out light, tender and delicious.
They were easy to make and less complicated than a lot of other recipes. The chopped cabbage, carrot, and seasoned stuffing for the wrappers were superb and tasted delicious. A recent purchased bottle of wok sauce added flavoring that make the dinner taste and smell fantastically oriental. We also made baked skinless/boneless chicken thighs. I love orange chicken sauce, as much as, teriyakie-sesame and couldn't decide which to use. Thus two different batches of chicken stuffed and baked were marinated with one or the other sauce. Leftover cabbage mixture from the egg rolls, became a delicious, zesty, warm side dish to the meal. The entire dinner couldn't have been more delightful to my taste buds. Well, I will celebrate this recipe as very successful. Can't wait to try other recipes. With Spring on the horizon, and Easter not far away, its something to look forward to.