Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Memorial Day - 30 May 2011

Memorial Day - 30 May 2011:  Hi everyone - thanks for visiting my blog. Most of my family and friends know, that we don't live in southern Virginia, the northern neck, on the eastern shore anymore. Yes, We sold our beautiful waterfront property for a song. Lucky buyers for sure. Hope they are enjoying and appreciating my former property.

At least we didn't lose the place, although the recession and real estate market crash took its toll on us for sure.
We did survive huge financial problems caused by the IRS, Cancer, Loneliness, bills, etc. Finally, we were lucky to sell our place, kiss it goodbye and then, moved back to the old homestead a couple of hours further north in Fredericksburg, Va. It's closer to the kids and grands. It has more shopping, more traffic, more congestion, and more of everything. Thats a good thing.

Hey, we are not complaining. It'ss a good day whenever we wake up in the morning,finding ourselves still alive and relatively healthy. Thank God. We are very grateful and truly Blessed. So God Bless each and everyone of you folks out there.
Hope is the best medicine of all.

Your Friend,
Cooky :)