Monday, June 17, 2013

Senior Graduation - Awesome

     Senior Graduation - Awesome:  Sometimes, the real beginning of summer vacation begins with senior graduation.  If you are lucky enough to be able to experience a June graduation, or what ever month it comes in, count your blessings for another year.  Seeing all those clean, young, ambitious faces gathered together, straining at the bit, to throw their caps high into the air, gives one a sense of pride and joy experienced only at that kind of ceremony -and especially for family members.  My granddaughter was in just such a ceremony this past weekend.  With the exception of her two younger brothers, who create havoc where ever they are, it was a grand experience for her parents.  Although I was not able to attend, I could imagine exactly how the ceremony went down.  Having been through at least four graduations, when the children were young, brought back memories galore.  The emotions my son and daughter-in-law felt on this wonderful occasion were special. 
     Hubby and I went to drop off her gift the day before.  We caught our little princess washing her hair in a normal beauty routine.  She ran up to us, thanking us for the flowers and gift gratiously as soapy bubbles lay on top of her darkened locks.  Her eyes sparkled with excitement and twinkled with anticipation of what was to come.   Like the princess she is, one could see that she was aglow with pride for her graduation and many accomplishments.  She was loving the attention from family members and anticipating the after-grad pool party to be held in her back yard, where all her friends would converge the afternoon when she arrived home after the ceremony.  Not all her friends were graduates.  Many of her supporters were  cousins, aunts, uncles, relatives once removed and their families would also show up at the party to wish her well on the next leg of her journey.
      The evening pool party bar-b-que finally arrived and everyone gathered at her parents' home immediately after the three hour early morning graduation ceremony.  It took an hour just to get out of the traffic jam at her school.   Friends and family came from all over to bare witness to her graduation.  They brought loads of food and, of course, monetary money gifts.  Cash was now available and earmarked for, that computer and printer, to be purchased for starting her college courses at the end of summer.   
      Oh what a day!  Busy, busy, but loads of fun at the same time for everyone, especially her parents and family members who attended the after graduation party.  The next morning,  I heard every detail of the graduation and party from her exhausted parents.  They took time after such a late night to stop by and drop off gifts for my husband, their stepfather, in honor of  father's day.  It couldn't get any better than that.  After all, he had been instrumental in picking up and transporting dozens of helium filled balloons for the party among other things.    It's so wonderful having everyone contribute and make everything special in supporting our beautiful first graduate in the family. 
       Next, I can't wait for her wedding. Her mother and father know just how to do it up right.   In the mean time it will be a few years off before the rest of my grand kids graduate.  Counting my blessings and being grateful to be alive and kicking on these special occasions.  Yours truly,
 Keep the faith !    Cooky :)