Sunday, May 5, 2013

Eating Good, Healthy Foods

Eating Good, Healthy Foods:  Eating healthy fruits and vegetables these days can be expensive.  Prices go up a few cents or more every week.  Just like gas can go up from one price to a higher one in a matter of hours.  Being retired, there is more time to watch the sales and compare prices. It is an on-going learning process for us.
        Grocery store ads show us what is available, and where the food bargains are for the current week.  Hubby and I would meticulously comb the advertisements every Wednesday store flyers.  Seems like Wednesday is the turning point for sales in most grocery stores, whereas Thursday and Friday are true for other grocery store sales.   It's a bit of a scramble going from one store to another for just a few items, but can be well worth it at times.  Writing down sale items in columns, we compare store prices for similar items in the various food supply stores. It's hard to call Target and Walmart grocery stores because groceries sometimes seem secondary to other stuff.  We noted that the food prices are manipulated to vary by a few cents store to store.  Meat prices can vary as much as ten dollars per store.  Sales items are a little more stable in pricing because of the store competitions to just get you in the store. 
         All in all, we decided, if food prices for certain items vary by only a few cents,  then, it does not matter which store you get it from sale or no sale.  Of course, that's what the stores intended you to do in the first place.  In conclusion, we decided that we need cheaper foods to stay healthier.  Cheaper gas to get to the stores would also be welcomed.   Hopefully, with this late spring planting season, prices will come down at least around July.  Thanks, Keep The Faith, Your friend, Cooky.