Thursday, April 25, 2013

Snow Bound Northern Neighbors - April 2013

Snow Bound Northern Neighbors - April 2013:  Snow is still falling and more snow is expected all over Canada and especially in Alberta.  My brother-in-law, bless his heart, called to complain that with all the spring snow, that planting will be late this year if at all.  Getting the seed crops into the ground may or may not be worth it due to the weather's longer than normal snow season.  He says the weather is the worst snow fall season and winter in one-hundred years up there. Down here in the good ole USA, the weather has been pretty good, comparatively speaking.
It sure seems to get awfully cold up there.  Guess that's why my dear hubby, a true Canadian Kanuke, likes it down here so much. He spent all his childhood working out on a farm sun up to sun down in sometimes 30-60 below weather in the winter.  Well, working on a farm is hard enough for the normal layman, but its harshness does take a toll on the old body.  Arthritis runs rampant in his family.  Not sure if its because of genetics or weather. It affects many of us even in the warm weather down here.   Anyways, I'm grateful for the kind of weather we have in Virginia, mild and seasonable.  It sure could be worse somewhere else in the USA or Canada or all over the world, considering all the flooding, earthquates, hurricanes and tornadoes some other places are experiencing.  What's with this weather anyways??  It's a bit concerning to say the least.  Well, take care folks and keep the faith.  Your friend, Cooky :)