Thursday, January 17, 2013

Recipes Can Be Disappointing

Yesterday, I tried three new recipes on pinterest.I was not very successful at making these two different brownies and one fudge recipe. Neither the taste nor appearance were very appealing. Although, I'm certainly not an expert on cooking or following recipes these looked easy enough for even me to do.
However, some recipes are made to fail - these three failed. I think that one can tell by just reading them, that there is something wrong with the ingredients sometimes. I tried making a quickie 2-1/2 minute microwave fudge. It turned out grainy as the sugar didn't melt in the time the recipe said to cook it. Now you wouldn't think that fudge would be difficult to make but this one was even after I added cocoa to it. Now, I have an entire plate full of this translucent looking stuff. The brownie recipe was a ten-tablespoons of flour and two eggs recipe. It turned out not sweet enough and so light it almost floated away. Also not sweet enough. Then there was the black-bean brownie recipe that said to cook it at 200 degrees for 1-1/2 hour. I did and the bottoms were still soggy. I turned the pan upside down and cooked a little longer to no avail. Still

Maybe, I should melt down the fudge and pour it over the brownies. You think that would help them taste and look better? It's worth a try. tc and remember to
Keep The Faith, Your Friend, Cooky :)