Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bears, Bees and Bugs - On my !

Are we thinking that Spring is in the air! Oh, yes we are. Just give cabin fever the boot by starting seeds inside and planning which herbs or lemon grass seeds we need to by. Sounds like a trip to the hardware store will be forthcoming. Definitely, am thinking about food, gardens, good weather, taxes and other such stuff that rattles around in my brain for a few fleeting moments, then disappears to God knows where before the moment of reflection passes as quickly as it came. Thanks, to all the great ideas on pinterest this past winter, everyone should have lots of projects to try out. Am I pushing for winter to go far, far away? Yes, for sure. Even if, there is still lots of unfinished projects laying around wanting attention. The heck with them, I say, "start new ones." Sorry, its true, my brain thinks like that most of the time lately. Gotta get out more, u think? Another thought:
It's almost time for my Morning Glories to take root from the seeds that dropped this winter. They take over my deck and half my yard. Cannot wait for all those fresh garden delights, that neighbors and friends share with us, as their productive gardens yield an abundance of delicious bounty. The feel of sunshine and singing of the birds are most welcomed in our yard. Maybe, I will try to make a new bird feeder? Who knows? Keep the faith all, stay warm and be careful with all this snow and ice on the ground.