Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 2012 - What TV Channel - None Maybe?

It's quite a choice on television today what to watch. Whether you watch the coverage of the elections, the weather, storm damage or new programs, it is all kind of heartbreaking.

The elections were so cut-throat and name-calling, it got on my nerves, not to mention the constant phone calls reminding us to vote. I just cannot get all hyped up about any of this stuff. I have my own problems like we all do. One must put God first, family second and job third. The election outcome can only help some and will definitely hurt others. We are all working to pay taxes and it will only get worse. Prayer is needed, badly.

Prayer for the victums of these storms is needed as well. I hate to see the devastation created by these storms for folks in these communities that have lost it all. However, we should all watch tv coverage of the storms and learn just how serious and vunerable we all are to the nature's extreme elements. Its scary to say the least. Unfortunately, those hard hit communities up north must contend with snow and cold.

We really dodged a bullet in Virginia with "Sandy". I am so very grateful it missed us. The trailer park would have been toast so to speak. I have had my share of hurricanes and storms.

Keep the faith,
Your friend, Cooky :)